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Workshop maniuals for a '05 3 litre and '06 2.4 litre

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#1 Bryan1


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Posted 19 June 2022 - 07:24 PM

G'day Guy's,

                    Well the wifes '06 outback needs a head gasket replacement and my '05 one did a timing chain so that one is in need of a full rebuild and I do need to get the pdf files so i can have the workshop manuals on hand to assist when doing the work.


now the '06 is a 2.4 4 cylinder engine where my '05 is a 3 litre 6 cylinder engine, now for the 3 litre it would be great to get the non turbo and the turbo datasheets as if i'm going to do a full engine rebuild then the turbos need to go on to truly make this car a sleeper.


I'm on cleaning my shed up now to do the head gaskets then my '05 is going in for a total make over.


Now as one does need to RTFM one does need workshop datasheets so all the info is onhand. The worst thing is I did have these before but a HD crash lost them


Cheers Bryan

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Posted 20 June 2022 - 06:02 AM

G'day Bryan, check out club liberty for gen4 manuals, failing that, check one of the other forums out. Someone will have posted links to them more than likely.
3l H6 will be part of the factory manual, but they were never released in turbo formats, so if you have a turbo on yours, it's certainly not factory.
Also the H4, it was either 2l or 2.5l, we never got a 2.4l version in gen4. If it's anything like the rest of the manuals I have (I never bothered to get gen4 as I've never owned one), everything should be in the manual, gen2 (94-98) had separate manuals, but AFAIK, anything past gen3 (98-03) had one manual for everything.

If you're in the states, things may be different, I'm not sure how they worked it.

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#3 Bryan1


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Posted Yesterday, 07:18 PM

G'Day Guy's,

                     Well a full headgasket is $500 and I got a 500ml bottle of ristone block seal where I put 250ml in and the car is running fine. Been talking with my American friends and Yes I am here in Oz in the Adelaide Hills on a 85 acre farm off the grid and coming up to 20 years.


 My shed is on it's own power system and had a big cleanup least weekend so if I do get the shed up to scratch and the wifes car is still going then my '05 car is going in and I'll price up a new motor and gearbox, well a scondhand one . Now on talking with my American friends about putting a 3.8 litre Tribeca engine and gearbox in as the guy who told me it's a very close match and it's been done many times before.


Tax time is close so I will look around for that engine setup and I did buy a 1996 C200 Merc for 3K with only 165K on the clock and with my daughter getting her L plates the idea is that Merc will be her first car and my '05 is going back on the road with a new life.


Looked at engine stands and man for the price they are asking for a light weight stand I'll just take the first engine out and make my own stand and it won't take long to fabricate up.


It will be good to pull apart that seized engine and totally rebuild it and as the heads will need a surface grind it will give me an excuse to get that ball screw and get my surface grinder going. Now for checking the head I do have a 3'x2' surface plate that came out of the standards room at the SA railway.


My luck with finding Subi forums brought me back here where I found out I was a member but eh it's been years and losing all my bookmarks make it that much harder. I do remember it was a US forum that had the thread where every manual was listed and there for a PDF download and my quest is find that said forum thread and my sudden interest back in subi's has at this point.


O'well if I don't find a manual it's a case of look and see as like with ant car to rip the engine out one just does it.


Cheers Bryan

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