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2011 with strange AC/ Fans Issue

17 January 2017 - 09:49 PM

The Tribeca has developed quite an odd issue with the AC/ Fans. When turning right the vents seem to close up and a whistling noise comes out of the passenger vent. The noise only comes out if the fans are on speed 3 or higher but you can feel the flow restricting on all speeds. This happens regardless of whether or not the AC is actually turned on and only happens when turning right and when in motion. You can turn the wheel to full lock while standing still and it doesn't happen but moments after you accelerate the problem occurs. It's as though something is pressing against the vents and causing a blockage. I haven't chance to look under the hood yet to see if I can spot anything but I'm not sure if I will since it doesn't happen when the car is stationary.


Does anyone have any idea what may be the cause of this and what will have to be done to rectify it? 


At the moment it is nothing more than an annoyance and being in QLD in summer the fans are on high for a lot of the time until the cabin cools down. I'm worried that the problem will escalate beyond a minor annoyance and become a big problem as many small issues often do.


Thanks in advance