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In Topic: New Project - 08 SpecB Wagon - 5EAT to 6MT converted

10 September 2020 - 12:58 PM

Has anyone here noticed a difference when running alloy rear suspension arms? I almost thought of ordering some but don't really want to wait 3-5 more weeks! 


I had them in my Outback (was a Gen 3, but swapped all the Gen 4 stuff in - except the ABS...), zero difference to anything except *maybe* 2kg's of weight.

In Topic: Cylinder 4 extra cooling mod - heard of this?

04 September 2020 - 12:24 PM

It's NASIOC... 2 people actually know things and another 7 think they know things.


That's the part I've got a 'spare' in the shed.

In Topic: Cylinder 4 extra cooling mod - heard of this?

03 September 2020 - 02:19 PM

I did this to my brothers engine when it was out. Had to wait for the plug in the back of the block to come in off back order (typical...). Actually ordered 2 of them, 1 is still in the shed somewhere.

Got some brass tee's (got 2, 1 still in the shed somewhere.) from somewhere and the heater hose from Supercheap (I think).


He's been driving it for 6 months or so and hasn't said anything about temperatures etc but he is the type were the only maintenance he does is putting petrol in it.

I used the Subaru SLLC (super long life coolant, blue stuff) as I had a few bottles (and still do).


Fair bit of info, part numbers etc;


In Topic: Bens new Daily - Enter 2003 Gen 3 RX

27 August 2020 - 12:34 PM

the first drive each evening after being at work sees the front brakes go 'clack' the first time they're engaged


Pad knock?

Do they then do it when you go in reverse and use the brakes too?

My front Brembo's did this with 2 different sets of pads (Stoptech and Akebono's), gave me the shits then I couldn't be bothered and left them alone.

In Topic: Recommended auto fluid?

02 April 2020 - 12:39 PM

It used to be Transmax J (I think... or was that the 5EAT, eh) when they came out - but that was a fair while ago and it was really expensive.

Nulon make those squeezy packs of 1L oil's now https://www.nulon.co...nsmission-fluid