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Impreza Tailshaft Length

10 January 2019 - 07:38 AM

Hi everyone,


I'm back!


I recently bought a GDA 02 Bugeye and I'm swapping the six speed from the B4 into it. I'm looking for an automatic tailshaft to fit.


Are there any differences in the automatic tail shafts between models of the Impreza?


For example, will this one out of an hawkeye fit my bugeye with a six speed conversion?




Changing the ratio of a R160 SureTrac Diff

20 July 2018 - 03:52 PM

Hi everyone,


Bought a R160 SureTrac diff that I want to swap the LSD centre into my own diff so it has the right ratio for my car (3.9).


Can anyone provide me with run through of everything I would need to do? I've read some info online but it's a bit patchy.


Also, I heard I can avoid needing to re-adjust backlash and preload if I keep the shims in their current position?