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13 February 2019 - 10:06 PM

Thanks Josh for your input, i found it inspiring. And Chappp, forsheding.some light on BBOD.... :)

Now, back to questions. Your/Our pressure difference sensor, which is mounted on drivers side, just behind the strut mount (and I think I already know the answer to this question) - how is it cabled?

I found mine having some dodgy copper running out the side, and then through the hole in a firewall near the clutch opening through to the cabin... apart from the standard factory plug - attaching pic...

Could this be the source of my lack of boost up hills? How can I test this bugger to see if it's doing what it's supposed to please...?

In Topic: Boost control solenoid testing?

23 January 2019 - 10:16 AM

I also reset the ECU at the same time and upped the fuel pressure a bit.

How'd you upped the fuel pressure? 

In Topic: Air supply system

22 January 2019 - 12:13 PM

Finished refurbishing the BBOD... I forgot what the abbreviation actually stands for. I also tried looking it up online, but if someone can please educate me. 

And I checked all of the solenoids inside the BBOD, ran some brake cleaner through them, then changed their state with a 12V and ran some brake cleaner through their other passages... Except the big one in there - now that I am writing the post, I realize that it was decently dumb, having it all disassembled but not actually checking the biggest one. And it's because I was lazy getting it out and playing around with it. Lesson to be learned here, hopefully future me will remember. 


On the brighter side, the boost is back. (Like, it's allways been there, just not so obvious; The third gear is especially fun to drive in.)

Even the twin turbo operation comes on, except sometimes it doesn't, especially when driving uphill.

The idle rpm still fluctuates, but doesn't go as high as it used to. Which is mildly annoying after all this time. 



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And it's throwing Error Code 66. When it goes into limp mode, after trying to bring the power going uphill... 

In Topic: Air supply system

17 January 2019 - 10:15 PM

It's probably worth mentioning:

Last night, I took it for a ride to local store. Stepped on it (restrictor pill still out, CEL still on) and the secondary turbo didn't come on. Instead, something clicked and the CEL went away. Boost returned after releasing and reapplying pressure on the accelerator. Didn't get a chance to go as fast as to get the secondary turbo to kick in since.

Today, I reinstalled the restrictor pill. I drove the car quite a bit. No CEL. I cleared the codes, and none came back yet. Still didn't have a chance for the twin turbo operation to kick in. But no CEL at all.

While I had the manifold off, I replaced the knock sensor with a genuine Subaru part.

Next step is to finish all of the vacuum lineage, and most importantly clean all the shit from BBOD - mercilessly replace all of the vacuum lines, even if they look ok. I am loosing it, mate...

In Topic: Air supply system

17 January 2019 - 10:00 PM


12 - Starter switch or circuit.
24 - Air control valve or circuit.
44 - Waste gate duty solenoid (turbo).
68 - Exhaust valve duty solenoid.
 at least 2/4 of those codes are to do with solenoids in the BBOD.  Check your wiring to that.\
and 24 (IACV code) will probably lead to bad idle, from http://www.4bc.org/vanagon/codes.html ()but I don't know if its true.,.)
Code 24
With the IAC code 24 thrown, the ECU will use what is called 'fuel cut' to reduce excessive engine RPM. It turns off 1 or 2 injectors to maintain idle speed, for certain values of RPM, vehicle speed, and throttle position. This can result in a rough idle, and poor idle exhaust emissions values. 

This BBOD - it's now my #1 to-do.Thank you, again.