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17 January 2019 - 10:15 PM

It's probably worth mentioning:

Last night, I took it for a ride to local store. Stepped on it (restrictor pill still out, CEL still on) and the secondary turbo didn't come on. Instead, something clicked and the CEL went away. Boost returned after releasing and reapplying pressure on the accelerator. Didn't get a chance to go as fast as to get the secondary turbo to kick in since.

Today, I reinstalled the restrictor pill. I drove the car quite a bit. No CEL. I cleared the codes, and none came back yet. Still didn't have a chance for the twin turbo operation to kick in. But no CEL at all.

While I had the manifold off, I replaced the knock sensor with a genuine Subaru part.

Next step is to finish all of the vacuum lineage, and most importantly clean all the shit from BBOD - mercilessly replace all of the vacuum lines, even if they look ok. I am loosing it, mate...

In Topic: Air supply system

17 January 2019 - 10:00 PM


12 - Starter switch or circuit.
24 - Air control valve or circuit.
44 - Waste gate duty solenoid (turbo).
68 - Exhaust valve duty solenoid.
 at least 2/4 of those codes are to do with solenoids in the BBOD.  Check your wiring to that.\
and 24 (IACV code) will probably lead to bad idle, from http://www.4bc.org/vanagon/codes.html ()but I don't know if its true.,.)
Code 24
With the IAC code 24 thrown, the ECU will use what is called 'fuel cut' to reduce excessive engine RPM. It turns off 1 or 2 injectors to maintain idle speed, for certain values of RPM, vehicle speed, and throttle position. This can result in a rough idle, and poor idle exhaust emissions values. 

This BBOD - it's now my #1 to-do.Thank you, again.

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17 January 2019 - 03:39 PM

I couldn't find a torque figure for the TT manifold to block bolts. 25Nm seemed to be the figure for every other EJ of the same era, and it's what's listed in the Haynes manual for 3rd gen Legacy, so that's what I went with.


When I was torquing mine up one seemed to be taking more turns than the rest. Backed it out and found the bolt stretched out and about to snap in half! What a pain that would be!!!

This turned out to work just fine. Thank you. 

In Topic: Air supply system

17 January 2019 - 01:45 PM

I didn't transfer the little choke pill over to the new plumbing when I did the primary turbo vacuums... 

I went through the rubbish bin and got all of them old vacuum lines back out this morning.



In Topic: Air supply system

16 January 2019 - 07:04 AM

Thanks for the ideas. I will put them on my list.

I got 4 new CEL codes after the intake was put back on. I suspect these to be a result of bad contact after re-connecting the plugs. Well that's the theory anyway; 


The CEL comes on when I start the engine, and doesn't go away, so there is definitely something disconnected...

12 - Starter switch or circuit.
24 - Air control valve or circuit.
44 - Waste gate duty solenoid (turbo).
68 - Exhaust valve duty solenoid.

With the intake being off for so long - almost 5 weeks - is it safe to assume the ECU would have been reset to factory default ? 


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I found this on nasioc.com in regards to CEL 24 & 44 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

From <https://forums.nasio...d.php?t=2125765>

With OBD I Subies, the only reason that a sensor would trip a code would be the following:

1. Sensor is disconnected.

2. Sensor is not receiving power or is not grounded properly.

3. The sensor itself is shot to the point it cannot communicate with the ECU.


Code 24 would be for the Idle Air Control Valve. Is your idle funny in anyway, like does it go up and down or is it low or high? (This sounds familiar...)


Code 44, as you have said is for the wastegate duty solenoid.


First things first, check and make sure the connectors are plugged in.


If they are plugged in and you know how to use a multimeter and a testlight, test for power to the sensors using the testlight and test to make sure that the sensors are being properly grounded.


If everything tests out then your sensors themselves are most likely messed up beyond all recognition.