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In Topic: Help Me Save My Liberty, Please

13 March 2018 - 04:06 PM

Hey Kyle,

Firstly, welcome to the forum!

Secondly, sorry to hear about your car and your troubles in general. It seems like you're doing all the right things to look after yourself.

While I can't offer any financial assistance, I can offer you the following:

I'd recommend joining a men's shed over your way. These groups are awesome in helping others in the community in different ways, as well as forming strong and supporting male friendships. While men's sheds may not typically take on mechanical projects, they may know of an avenue or another group that would be willing to do the work. That may be the way to get your labour costs down. Or a group of you may learn how to pull an engine, strip it down, get the machine work done then rebuild and reinstall.

Another avenue to look at could be your local TAFE - hit up the mechanical department and see if they'd be willing to pull the engine down and rebuild it as a learning exercise. Again, this may be a good way to avoid labour costs.

Both methods will take time - unfortunately without money, DIY is the best way if you're able to do it and it always takes time.

Also the men's shed may open up other avenues for suitable employment through word of mouth.

While your baby isn't running, I find working on mine to get it going again/sorting out issues to make it better is very therapeutic and rewarding. Sometimes it doesn't feel this way while doing the work but the feeling of success is where it all becomes worth while - particularly if it's been a harder than anticipated slog (enter my gearbox rebuild after blowing 2nd gear on a remote 4wd track - took about 12 months to sort that out!).

I'm sure many of us on the forum sympathise with you not having your pride and joy on the road, we've all been there at some point before.

All the best with getting your pride and joy up and running again! Keep us posted with any updates on the rebuild/engine replacement.

I think I speak for many on the forum when I say we hope you find a better place in your life and you're able to kick some personal financial goals.



Thanks so much for the reply mate, truly.

As far as we can theorize the bottom end is gone beyond reasonable repair or re-machining.

I have no car as of current and no way to realistically get anywhere. But when I do I will try to check both the men's shed and the TAFEs.

I'm in such a situation that is even difficult for me to get to the car, as it's stored on a farm elsewhere than my residence.


Thanks again.