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In Topic: 2004 Yamaha R1

16 September 2020 - 01:39 AM

So I saw my SubyClub T-Shirt in the robe the other day and starting getting a little nostalgia, didn't realise it had been such a long time since I had been on here.


Figured I would update the build on the R1, As almost 2 years ago I had a accident on the R1 which took me out of action for awhile. In fact I'm still not back 100% as I've still got ongoing issues with my knees and back. Had two surgeries on my right knee so far, so the first one was to replace my torn ACL with a harvest from my hamstring and to fix up some meniscus tears. Some how managed to injure the meniscus again after a few months and had to go back in to get that fixed, managed to tear the same one but instead of being vertical I did it horizontal this time.


Right knee was a bit of a melon for months.


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Bike after I got it back after being in hospital for 7 days.


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Bike started up first go, had a quick look over it and seemed to be mostly cosmetic. It got a bit boring being stuck at home not being able to go anyway as I wasn't even able to drive, so then the strip down started.


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Mount for the headlights was cooked and managed to find a new one pretty cheap on eBay


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Cracked the rear subframe so had to get another one of those.


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Needed a new tank, which I managed to get one off eBay in perfect condition for $80. Basically stripped it all back.


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Then it ended up sitting for a year as I wasn't in a position to work on it and wasn't able to ride it anyway so kinda hit the back burner. Most of the stuff I needed was fairings etc, but took awhile to decide what I wanted to do as the side fairings were fine. But the new tank was gunmetal, after looking into getting just the fairings I needed which was the front around the headlights the bit over the fuel tank and the whole rear sections for OEM was very pricey haha. So I ended up dropping the coin on a whole new set from China painted in the colour scheme the tank came from.

Must say they ended up coming out pretty good for a full set, even the paint was pretty good quality. Had a few small issues with the fitting as the OEM fairings appear to be made out of a softer plastic but the aftermarket ones are a more hard plastic.


I'll leave it there for now and will update with the rest of it as I find my photos etc, but basically I've been able to get back on the thing in the last few months which has been great.





In Topic: Bens new Daily - Enter 2003 Gen 3 RX

16 September 2020 - 12:58 AM

Really makes me want to buy another one and do it all over again, I kinda miss my old GEN III RX that I did the WRX conversion on.


Looks good mate.


Good to see the site is still kicking along, Been awhile since I have been here.


16 September 2020 - 12:53 AM

I use to really hate the look of these, But after seeing a tidy WRX STI Spec R in that purple mica colour and nearly buying it instead of the Forester S-Edition. I fell in love with them.


Should be nice once you have finished with it.