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14 March 2019 - 02:46 PM

What I am struggling with now is the location of the steering rack, I have not purchased a rack yet but I do have a electric motor that pumps the fluid out of an Opel/Holden Astra.
At the moment the steering rack needs to sit about where the front of the crank pulley is and I still need to add a small pulley to the front of the crank for the dry sump.
I have two ideas at the moment to solve this but am open to suggestions from you guys.
My first idea was to use those rack offset spacers that drifters use to step the rack forward but still keep the tie rods where they need to be, this will gain me about 25mm.
The other idea is to move the front wheels forward i.e. extend the wheelbase. This will obviously move the tie rod connection point on the knuckles forward buying me some more space for the steering rack. I am not sure if I am overlooking any downsides to extending the wheelbase though? Normally that would be rather extreme modification but since I am already re-designing the whole front suspension its actually very easy for me to do. Also I have noted in a video on youtube that the Subaru GT300 BRZ extended their wheelbase by 35mm for the 2017 season.
The orange string line in this photo shows where the rack needs to be.

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04 March 2019 - 01:14 PM

Yeah everything is moving! :)

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04 March 2019 - 10:45 AM

At this stage I plan to use a Honda S2k 6-speed.

There are adapters available for the following:


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03 March 2019 - 09:31 PM

Alright some big news for those not following on Instagram, the engine for this project has been selected, purchased and collected.
After a lot of consideration I decided to go with a Honda K24 which will be turbocharged. Bang for buck you can not beat this engine especially here in Australia where these motors are dirt cheap and readily available. I paid $450 for this engine with only 90k km's on it at a wrecking yard.
After getting it home I removed the intake and exhaust manifolds and gave it a pressure wash.
Under the WTAC rules I am building to the engine is allowed to be moved back so that the rear of the engine is no more than 50mm rearward of the original firewall.
So to make the most of this rule I basically cut the original firewall out and once the motor is in its final position I will have to make up a new firewall from sheet metal.
With that done I then slid the engine into its intended final position.
I am really happy with where it is sitting, most of the weight is behind the front wheels and there is loads of space for a really well ducted intercooler/radiator combo. It will also leave me enough space for the steering rack to sit in front of the engine.
The reason I have purchased the motor before finishing the front suspension is that the lower control arm mounts will be part of the front cross-member which will also contain the engine mounts. So I basically had to buy an engine to get that finished.

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06 January 2019 - 03:50 PM

I think the reason you mostly see people mounting the rod ends vertically is you have unlimited motion in this direction whereas horizontal mounting limits the movement because at some point (11 degrees) the bearing will contact the housing.


With a 340mm control arm 11 degrees gives me way more wheel travel than I am ever going to use in a time attack car so its a non-issue. The nice thing is the infinite vertical adjustment of the rod ends I now have within the boxes whereas with my rear end setup I only have 3 steps to choose from.


What I might do with the rear is slot the upper 2 holes which are the ones I'm most likely to use and make up some slugs for mounting the control arms. You can see these slugs below have holes at different heights for fine tuning the rod end position.