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Today, 08:48 AM

Yeah, its a little painful knowing they're so close, and yet so far lol, its part and parcel though. Large items have always been this way with IM though.
Hahaha, nah, as soon as they rock up, they'll be put off to one side to be installed as soon as I get the spare time in the shed.

Pulled the door cards out of the box last week, as I needed the box to send some gen3 stuff out. Still no photos, as they're still all wrapped up in bubble wrap, but hey. Want to keep them protected until the last minute. Gen3 is currently paying for a few new bits for this which is nice.


In Topic: Ben's IJN Ugly Betty aka Gen5 Legacy

09 July 2024 - 06:11 PM

Had a few boxes rock up this week! My black upper trims have arrived, and to my surprise, included with the eyesight black OEM trim is a spare eyesight camera assembly! Sweet! Hopefully the transport guys have been gentle with the boxes. Not that I'd pin my hopes on the camera being correctly aligned still, but I'll definitely put it up on the shelf as a potential working spare.

Seats and eyesight roof liner hit Import Monster this morning to, so hopefully in a few weeks they'll be on their way to me as well. I was hoping they'd be quicker, but apparently its gonna be a few weeks before they can even get to quoting it for me. She'll be right!

I haven't even unpacked the boxes properly yet, so I'm tipping its gonna be a few weeks before I even get the bits fitted.


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06 July 2024 - 06:55 AM

Nice work on the house man. Welcome to the shitshow that is old house ownership, as it appears you have experienced straight out of the box now lol
Hopefully nothing too much else rears its ugly head!
Some nice purchases on the car side of things too!
Keen to see how it all progresses

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05 July 2024 - 06:49 PM

Ah crap, with all the server issues I've been having lately, I completely missed Tim's comment until today! Cheers dude, the time will come for catch ups soon! More than likely have half the upgrades will be on by the time we do finally catch up again lol

Is all good Bennie! Always good to watch some good builds on youtube! Kinda makes sense, especially for rally, a sunroof provides a good spot for nature to come into the cabin uninvited!

Door cards rocked up earlier this week, as well as a non-eyesight black hood liner, bought before I knew I what version of gen5 legacy I was buying. The eyesight version is still in a container on its way over.
Another couple of care packages from Kaiguys hit australia a day or 2 ago, so should have them next week once they clear customs etc.

Things are coming together.


In Topic: Ben's IJN Ugly Betty aka Gen5 Legacy

22 June 2024 - 09:59 PM

Cheers Jase, yeah, got a few little things planned lol. Found out yesterday that this thing also has billies in it, which saves a little mucking around, but also means they need replacing soonish 😉

Not sure about how many are around locally, but theres a few available on carsales from various importers. I was just restricted by which interest rate I was willing to accept.

Hahaha, not sure what CAMS would think of a sun roof Bennie! But in all seriousness, sunroofs and Ben dont mix lol. 6' 8" doesn't allow me to have such luxuries unless the roof line is fairly high, which generally means SUV's and people movers. I got in an aussie delivered sedan a few doors down from home with a sun roof before I decided to go down this path. Even with the seat fully dropped, my head was scratching the roof liner, so any sort of decent bump was gonna be ouch...

Also have found out the gen5 chassis is surprisingly rigid. The entrance to daycare is pretty nasty for even semi lowered cars, and I need to go in on the angle in both the gen3 and this thing. Difference is, even with stock billies, this thing picks up wheels...

Should have the tS door cards next week, upper black plastics are probably a few weeks away, but the roof lining to suit the eyesight is still another few weeks away from Melbourne, let alone home. Not the easiest things to organise freight for...
Been toying around with the audio side of things and come to the conclusion that adding android auto to the stock unit isnt possible. Even going through the usual places, its all replacement units for the legacy. So despite my push back earlier in this thread, I'll probably go down the line of replacing the headunit later down the track...

Anyways, will catch you all laters!