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H6 swapped gen3 wagon.

11 December 2021 - 05:49 AM

G'day all. Now that the ball is well and truly rolling on this little project, I figured I'd better let some peeps in on the new project.

After some discussions with the wife on new cars, we came to a couple of conclusions:
One, 4wd utes are too damned expensive for anything half decent on the secondhand market,
Two, we can't afford a new one until we've paid off her car,
And three, she doesn't like my current rust bucket, so I can basically get what I want, without spending the earth.

Thought about it for a while, and settled on another gen3, but a wagon for more space so I can carry more shite.

After having zero luck on the H4 2.5 litres lately, and not wanting to spend the money on a turbo unit, figured a H6 would be the go. Was going to just get an outback, but after talking to the guys, decided on H6 swapping a liberty.

Found a liberty wagon on Facebook marketplace a few hours away from me for cheap, and commandeered Chris to help me go get it. Drove it home on a permit and all was good.
Found a cheap H6 outback in Sydney that I got Taj to go look at for me, and pulled the trigger on that one. Then got Luke and Andrew to actually pick it up and hold it for me while I sorted out how to get it. Covid made life a lot harder, as I'd need a negative test to get on a plane. Ended up having the lads drive to Albury and meet me and Chris to hand over keys etc over a counter meal at one of the pubs. Long arse drive for all involved, but it was good. Absolute champions for helping me out.

And here we are. I now have an 03 H6 outback, and an 01 silver GX safety edition wagon. Pics will come once I manage to get to a PC so I can upload decent photos. H6 has 330 thou on it, and the liberty has 390 thou. Outhouse has been looked after really well.

Next step is to get the liberty roadworthy'd and registered. Theres a few litte things that it'll need like some new headlights and a gearshift linkage for the manual, as it's loose as all hell. Put it in 5th and it looks like it's in 1st. There's probably 80 or 100mm play in the gearstick. It rubs the top corner of the dash trim getting it into 1st. You get 4th more often than you get 2nd. Shit like that.

Once this is done, it's time for swapsies. There's going to be some fruit put on this as well. For starters, the 401 bonnet and scoop will be put on. I've got 3 rattle cans of 01G premium silver coming, as well as 3 cans of clear to go over it. Scoop needs paint, as well as side skirts from the current daily, the bump strips on the doors (as this thing is a GX, they're black), plus the 401 front bar that just got shipped from Japan a few days ago. There's a fair few touch ups that will be needed too, as there's chips all over the front, including the A pillars. Managed to pick up Nick's blue black leather stuff out of his GTB, so I'll do some mixing and matching to put his passenger leather on my driver's seat, and clean up my passenger seat. Will put the best door cards on between my B4 set and his GTB ones. Also have the proper reclining split fold wagon seats in blue/black now as well! And they have the cargo nets!
Black carpet and dash from my RX will go into this as well. Need to find some wagon black trims and carpet for the rear of the wagon eventually, but I'll get there. No pics until I can get to a PC and upload and link them all. Going to pick up Chris' wagon as well in a month or so, so a lot of fruit will come off that and go onto the wagon. Bilstiens and front 316mm brakes, Prova muffler and mid pipe will be made to fit, and a few other little niceties.

Watch this space ladies and gents!