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Alloy Thermostat housing - bottom entry style

17 January 2019 - 07:40 AM

Does anybody have one of these or know where i can get one? Partsouq and most places I've search either don't have them or they are ridiculously priced.


I'm doing a few unconventional mods to my car and want to replace the plastic thermostat housing with an alloy version. Mainly to prevent any potential melting or heat issues with the exhaust manifold I am going to put on my ej251. 


The part I want is 11054AA010, I think these came on a older ej22 automatic cars and had an extra nipple for oil cooling or something? 


Yes changing the water pump is an option, i don't really want to have to go that route.. 



Also i went to a wreckers last night, all of the subaru's there (including a few ej22's) had the plastic housing.