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In Topic: Aftermarket seats for GEN3 (BE5)

22 February 2019 - 11:31 AM

The best seats to put in are  BE/BH GTB/RSK.


Supportive, hugging, look the goods (leather + cloth, or full leather), comfortable, bolt straight in with no height differences like some WRX seats. Even electric if you want it.





In Topic: Air supply system

14 February 2019 - 10:42 AM

dunno what's going on there.. the DPS (box-shaped) just has a plug at the base and the two pressure signals on either side.  That dodgy wiring looks like its going to another aftermarket sensor sharing the same mount point. Maybe it was remnants of a boost control system?


I'd be removing any boost lines that go to that and making sure there's no leaks from where it was teed off the manifold pressure feed.


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In Topic: Alloy Thermostat housing - bottom entry style

04 February 2019 - 07:01 AM

hehe i did actually know yours was stainless (I've read over your build a couple of times, sweet ride!)... I was still interested to know if the wrap had effected the stainless dumps at all OR if you still had any heat issues through the firewall or anything. 


wrap seems to be working well at keeping temps at the firewall and in the engine bay down..  


The only downside I can see at the moment is that they do attract crap - so the odd oil drip or mud splash ends up embedded in the fabric and then slowly toasts off. Gets a bit stinky for a while if its oil.  If the wrap is rotting the headers, I figure I won't see anything until they start leaking !

In Topic: Alloy Thermostat housing - bottom entry style

01 February 2019 - 02:41 PM

have your down pipes rusted or been affected by the wrap since you did yours duncan? 


my downpipes are stainless.


OEM manifolds are not.

In Topic: Gen3 outback - TT conversion

01 February 2019 - 11:29 AM

hey duncan did you ever get a wheel alignment after doing your lca rear bushes on the front suspension? I just noticed that those mounts you picked up from the wreckers aren't normal outback mounts, did you run those or change the bushes into your outback mounts? I've installed the same bushes in my outback recently but went full sideways offset, not the 5-o'clock type position. 


I didn't use those mounts - just bolted the LCA's to my (relatively new) Febest rubber mounts, which are the outback style with more vertical offset.


As you say - those other liberty ones wouldn't fit.


I'm guessing if you can dial out excess toe, then the 3/9-o'clock position for those is just fine, and gives you even more castor... but I'm no expert.