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Gen 3 BE/BH Bushing and Links Upgrade Guide

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Posted 08 January 2021 - 07:43 PM


G'day all,
Thought I'd make a little guide on the various improvements that can be made to our cars. Caution, it can cost a lot. But the rewards are totally worth. Especially on cars tipping 20 years old.
The front is where a lot stuff actually fits from other models. GD parts are, by and large, the same parts. Anyway, here's a little list of the parts you'd need and where they go.
**NOTE** Given that the wheelbase of the Liberty is wider than that of the GD Impreza/WRX/STi, the BE/BH LCA's (lower control arm) are actually shorter. The GD LCA's can be used as a method to increase front track and camber.
LCA bush replacements:
Lower Inner (the front-most bush in the inside of the arm)
**NOTE** You will need 61mm tube length bushes if you have alloy arms
SuperPro: SPF2429K (61mm) or SPF1390K (55mm)
Whiteline: W52837A (61mm) or W51709A (55mm)
Nolathane: 45487 (61mm) or 45474 (55mm)
Hardrace: 6953
Lower Inner Rear
**NOTE** Now, there is a LOT of different options for these bushes, including added caster, anti-lift, left or right pull correction or whole replacement assemblies. If you require any of those, I can provide the part number if you're unable to find it, but we will stick to factory replacement polyurethane for now.
SuperPro: SPF1387K
Whiteline: W51710
Nolathane: 45440
Hardrace: 6241
Ball Joints/Tie Rods
**NOTE** For the majority of cases, upgrading the ball joint to a nice aftermarket unit does wonders for lowered cars. However, these kits often include a set of tie rods as well, which is nice. Nolathane do not make a substitute kit for this application.
SuperPro: TRC0002
Whiteline: KCA313
Nolathane: N/A (not offered by this brand)
Hardrace: Q0796
Sway Bar Links/Bushes
**NOTE** So, here's where it can be a little tricky. But, if you're toying with suspension components, you'd want to have your head torqued to spec, at the minimum. Every manufacturer will require a *SWAY BAR DIAMETER* before they can give you a set of bushes. So you'll need to measure up. And, much like the bushes before, the sway bar link varies if you have the pressed steel LCA's or cast alloy LCA's.
SuperPro Bushes (Front): SPF1617-xxK (xx = bar diameter in mm)
SuperPro Bushes (Rear): SPF2791-xxK
SuperPro Links (Front): TRC4006 OR SPF1384K (they do not have a solid sway bar link replacement option to suit the pressed steel bar as far as I know)
SuperPro Links (Rear): TRC4004
Whiteline Bushes (Front): W0405-xx
Whiteline Bushes (Rear:): W0406-xx
Whiteline Links (Front): KLC139 (Alloy) or KLC32 (steel)
Whiteline Links (Rear): KLC144
Nolathane Bushes (Rear): 42463 (^ SAME DEAL HERE TOO)
Nolathane Links (Front): 42733
Nolathane Links (Rear): 42876
Hardrace Bushes (Front): 6929 (BAR. DIAMETER, CHECK.)
Hardrace Bushes (Rear): 6932 (I don't need to say it again, surely)
Hardrace Links (Front): 6141 (Steel)
Steering Rack Bushes:
SuperPro: SPF2580K
Whiteline: KSR202
Nolathane: 41095
Hardrace: 6152
So, that's the front done. We'll now move swiftly to gearbox bushes (including shifter bushes) then to the rear of the car.
Gearbox Crossmember Isolator Mounts:
SuperPro: SPF2358K
Whiteline: N/A
Nolathane: N/A
Hardrace: 7124
Shifter Linkage:
SuperPro: SPF2704K (5 speed) SPF2462K (6 speed)
Whiteline: KDT957 (5 speed) W92830 (6 speed)
Nolathane: N/A
Hardrace: 6349-A (5 speed) 7123 (6 speed)
Not too much to go over there. I may add mounts at a later date.
So, the rear end of these cars is practically identical to the BL/BP (gen 4) which simplifies things. Still, let's do it anyway. Let's start with the diff, because, trust me, they need doing unless you've JUST done them.
Diff Bracket Mount:
SuperPro: SPF3201K
Whiteline: KDT906
Nolathane: 49185
Hardrace: 6954
Diff Pinion Bracket:
SuperPro: SPF3200K
Whiteline: KDT905
Nolathane: 49184
Hardrace: N/A
Rear Control Arm Upper:
**NOTE** Each arm has two bushes, so I'll list both part numbers
SuperPro: SPF3390K (Inner) and SPF3389K (outer)
Whiteline: W63396 (Inner) and W63397 (outer)
Nolathane: 46330 (Inner) and 46325 (outer)
Hardrace: 6843 (Hardrace includes both pairs allowing you to do both upper arm bushes in one go)
Rear Control Arm Lower
SuperPro: SPF4965K (inner) and SPF3392K (outer)
Whiteline: W63395 (inner) and W63394 (outer)
Nolathane: 46329 (inner) and 46328 (outer)
Hardrace: 6842
Trailing Arms
SuperPro: SPF3388-70K
Whiteline: W63398
Nolathane: 46333
Hardrace: 6841
Okay! So, with this list, you should be able to assemble a shopping list of your favourite brands, credit card in hand, ready to make your car feel better than new! Bushes are an easily ignored wear item but now, you have a handy list at your disposal.
If you'd like me to amend a part of it or add something, let me know.


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Posted 08 January 2021 - 09:09 PM

Thanks Tim, handy info. If I was keeping the gen3 for any serious amount of time, I'd be doing all these.

MY00 Red RX, a nice daily that was sold off once the B4 became reliable...

MY02 Blue B4, aka 'The Project' - v8 Spec C engine package and assorted other 'goodies' - Sold, then bought back for parts. Stripped and crushed.

MY97 Silver RX, aka 'The Track Toy' - All good bits from B4 will *eventually* find their way into this...
MY03 Blue RX, the new daily, pretty well more B4 than RX now... planned to be stripped and put back into track car where it all belongs!

MY02 Silver GX Wagon, soon to be my H6 converted daily with a decent amount of spice.

MY03 White/Silver H6 Outback, donor car for silver waghoon.

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Posted 15 January 2021 - 10:44 AM

Even just replacing bushes is well worth the effort!

We replaced all the bushes in my sister’s Gen3 RX wagon. It drove SOOO much better than beforehand!


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